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Published on 03 October 2018

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VOCABULARIES FOR KIDS, focus on Pronunciation and Writing so kids can be familiar with Chinese Characters. The idea of this serie is to cover Basic Words by Themes:

ANIMALS: https://youtu.be/BuFWrgDVeis
SEA ANIMALS: https://youtu.be/yY2tYQ1-auE
FOREST ANIMALS 2: https://youtu.be/RS5IeMYpIBA
FOREST ANIMALS PART 1: https://youtu.be/lEj6HtwbSeM
BUGS/INSECTS: https://youtu.be/458qFJKOjLE

VEGETABLES: https://youtu.be/EGxIcQRTidw
FRUITS: https://youtu.be/lkGcsVyKbgA
FOOD: https://youtu.be/Z43t5GB1nIA
FOOD 2: https://youtu.be/3dBar3dsXwk
FOOD 3: https://youtu.be/8-ncXLwcKFc

COLORS: https://youtu.be/CFLQXHxWtzM
NUMBERS: https://youtu.be/CAkcDpfOhz4
FAMILY MEMBERS: https://youtu.be/RWk6K3sLRWs

VEHICLES: https://youtu.be/rmPVviMp4IA
INSTRUMENTS: https://youtu.be/eY8wXd2QfgI
WEATHER: https://youtu.be/iZ9VP2ansh8
CLOTHES: https://youtu.be/fuJE9yzMw7w
TABLEWARE: https://youtu.be/BXMYA6mGz90
SPORTS/BALL GAMES: https://youtu.be/QwK6rnsTSwU

WHAT IS IT? - FRUIT: https://youtu.be/XxlFbno0d88
WHAT IS IT? - ANIMALS: https://youtu.be/0kdZb7SJxeY

To make your own flashcards, please go visit SUPERCUCOS.COM or search SUPERCUCOSKIDS in FACEBOOK to download the material.
In this video, you can learn how to say and write ¨cat, dog, fish, hamster, rabbit and turtle¨ in Chinese mandarin. The pronunciation, pinyin and characters.
Aprender las pronunciaciones, pinyin y los símbolos simplificados del gato, el perro, el pez, el hamster, el conejo y la tortuga. Descargar las plantillas en mi sitio web o en facebook para hacer las tarjetas de vocabulario.

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