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Old Cars VS New Cars

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Published on 23 December 2019

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The first actual road vehicle in history was the steam-powered car invented by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot. It was first intended for military purposes. It had only three wheels and was more of a tractor than an actual car. It was a heavy vehicle, capable of moving at only 2.5 mph, but it was a breakthrough nonetheless. It was in 1769.

But the first proper car was invented in 1886, and there are two people sharing the honor. These were a gas-powered automobile with three wheels made by Karl Friedrich Benz and a more traditional four-wheeled vehicle made by Gottlieb Daimler. Both were experiments of talented engineers, and... they were quite successful!

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When the magic happened 🎇0:51
The electric carriage made by Robert Anderson 1:36
The first proper car 🚗 2:39
The first Mercedes cars 3:10
Here's where the real thing begins 👈 4:43
The most luxurious car of the first half of the century 5:47
Muscle cars 😍 7:03
The era of global economic crisis 7:51
Almost our time 8:40
2019 8:56
Cars of the future 9:23

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Preview photo credit:
Karl Benz's Patent Motorwagen is regarded as the first practical self propelled vehicle: By Sicnag - 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen, CC BY 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=72839210
Toronto, Ontario, Canada - November 22, 2019: Photograph of a Tesla Cybertruck side view on road: By Artist_Studio/Shutterstock.com, https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/toronto-ontario-canada-november-22-2019-1572301324
Animation is created by Bright Side.

- We’ve just jumped to the year 1891, and you can see lots of Peugeot cars around us. All of them run on engines patented by Benz and Daimler, who built their initial capital on selling those.
- Let’s take a quick stroke across the US: here, in 1893, which is already before our current time, brothers Charles and Frank Duryea assembled their first gas-powered car and soon became the largest car manufacturers in the United States.
- Curved Dash Oldsmobiles were the first mass-produced cars in the USA. Ransom Eli Olds invented the assembly line prototype and moved to Detroit to start his enterprise.
- By 1927, Ford has produced over 15 million of these cars, and improved them with every passing year, making them more efficient and comfortable, while still affordable.
- Look at that beauty! It’s Duesenberg Model J — the most luxurious and powerful car of the first half of the century! Just imagine: its engine produced 265 horsepower, and a supercharged version reached 320!
- It’s 1965, and the car industry is booming. What you see on either side from us are Fords, Chevrolets, Chryslers, and DeSotos.
- We’re in the ‘70s, and it’s muscle cars galore. There’s not a single smooth line in those cars, it’s pure testosterone. They’re mean, they’re powerful, they’re awesome.
- We’re now in the ‘90s, and it’s the era of the global economic crisis. Muscle cars are in the past now, and people need simpler, more affordable vehicles.
- In the 2000s, things grow even worse. Just look at these guys — they look like submarines without a single straight line.
- The 2010s. Almost our time. Japan has dominated the field of car design, and everyone else started copying them.
- It’s the year 2070, and cars are, well, different. More than half of them are flying, while others move on magnetic force.
- Every car now adheres to the rules because humans are not allowed behind the wheel any longer. Manual override is only possible in case of an emergency.

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