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Urs - Animated short film (2009)

Duration: 10:01

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Published on 12 September 2020

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FSK approved for age 6 and older
Many years Urs has had to look for his aging mother. But now he dares a dangerous journey: He carries her up a mountain to find a better place for both of them. But his mother doesn’t want to leave her home.


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Script: Moritz Mayerhofer
Director: Moritz Mayerhofer
Film Music: Peter Gromer
Sounddesign: Michael Diehl, Marcus Neuberger
Editing: Sascha Seidel
Animation: Moritz Mayerhofer, Jonas Jarvers, Jan Locher, Michael Lederhuber, Stefan Habel, Benjamin Swiczinsky, Hendrik Panz, Derek Roczen, Julia Ocker, Leszek Plichta, Felix Mertikat, Martin Puttkammer, Louis Tardivier, Roland Petrizza, Daniel Brkovic, Stefanie Strauß, Oliver Vogel, Gregor Bödecker, Thomas Moser, Felix Mayerhofer
Executive Producer: Stina McNicholas, Jakob Moers
Production Company: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH
Narrator/Voice Actor: Thomas Hinke, Ellen Schäuble, Martin Weigel

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The Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, with its Animation Institute and the postgraduate masterclass Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris, is one of the internationally most acclaimed film and media schools. On a unique campus including the neighbouring Academy of Performing Arts, the 500 students receive an interdisciplinary, highly practical education close to the film and media market by the hands of over 300 freelance teachers directly from the industry.


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