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JKrew Gaming

Published on 08 June 2021

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In today’s Brookhaven roleplay the people of Brookhaven are going to the worst beauty salon. Today is Maddy’s first day as Hairstylist/Barber. She used to work at a coffee shop and had bad luck there because everything went wrong. She thinks this job will be better and that she will be the best stylist in Brookhaven. The first customer was Karen, and she wasn’t very nice, but Maddy still tried her hardest to make her hair look very nice. It didn’t go as planned and her hair looked horrible. She had a few more customers that came in, but luck wasn’t on her side. She is not sure what she did wrong, but she realized being a hairstylist is not for her. She was pretty bummed out about it. What job should Maddy look for now? Maybe a teacher, cook, lifeguard, bank teller, Youtuber, singer, pizza delivery, or a cashier at a grocery store. Do you have any suggestions? Let us know what job Maddy should look for next. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we loved filming it.
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